Unity3D Dev Diary – 2D Arena Brawler – Ep2 7/8/17

Part 2 of the dev diary for “Project Railgun” – a 2D local-multiplayer arena brawler. This episode we look at creating a new move behavior for our character and integrating it into the modular player controller script.

It’s clear to me that I won’t be able to keep this up on a weekly schedule, so instead I’m going to do these on the fly. I’ll still stream them though, if you’re interested in tuning in live you can follow me on Twitter @NinjaBoots88 – I’ll make sure to post the stream times at least a day in advance.

Full details:

“Unity3D Dev Diary – 2D Arena Brawler ” is a Twitch stream where Jonny walks us through the development of a local multiplayer arena game in Unity. Tune in live to ask questions in the chat, or watch the episode archives on youtube. The current project can be cloned or downloaded off of github, so feel free to experiment with the source code as well.

Streamed live on Twitch
Watch archived streams on YouTube
Project source code on GitHub


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