Unity3D Dev Diary – 2D Arena Brawler – Ep1 6/21/17

So this is something new. I’m trying to put together a Dev Diary / Unity How-to / Code-Along-Blog for a new hobby project I’m working on! The game is tentatively titled “Project Railgun” and is a local-multiplayer 2D arena fighter a-la Towerfall.

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GGJ17 Project – “Catfish”

Hey all,

Here’s the game I made over the weekend! A couple stats up front:

  • Solo project
  • Made in 48 hours
  • All my own code (including some pre-made game templates I’ve put together)
  • some 4AM-minted Illustrations and art assets

The game itself is completely inscrutable without a small demonstration, click “read more” to see the video. Continue reading