From here you will find information about my past game projects. This portfolio is a work-in-progress, so please bear with me as I will be adding pages and information over time.

Demo Reel


ADAPT is currently a two-part project that began with a prototype. The game is a narrative/sim experience, designed to teach security techniques to journalists. The first version was a prototype that relied heavily on a simulation game mechanics, but the first version operated much more as a narrative-style game.

The Game Litmus Test


Built as a sample project in just a few days – demonstrates a scalable GUI across a large variety of screen ratios, plus a cloud-based content propagation system.

Download “The Game Litmus Test”



An entry for a narrative game-jam about fire-fighting robot drones. This was an early attempt at making a visual-novel style game.

Download “Matchsticks”

Badger Pocket


A work-in-progress – designed to be a physics-based puzzle game for touch phones.

Gommi Arcade: Bridge Racer


An endless runner game playable on iOS and Android devices, designed as part of the Gommi Arcade brand. I am responsible for the code in its original release, as well as the app structure for the iOS version. This includes ad-support and in-app purchasing.

Download “Gommi Arcade: Bridge Racer”



An early attempt at making an endless runner game.  Also a first attempt at 2D pixel art and animation.

Download “J-Runner”

(requires unity web player plug-in)