You can check out all of our episodes online at shoutengine.com
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My current and longest-running broadcast project came out of a desire for a specific kind of game podcast, something that was conversational in tone and not focused on new or pre-release games.  My friend and I both have a large back-catalogue of weird games to play, and so we thought it might be fun to organize the effort of playing them and build a show around it.

“Game Buccaneers” is the result of that concept – a video-game review podcast where we discuss oddball titles from throughout gaming history. There’s also a small amount of radio-play rolled in too. All together we describe it as a 1.5 hour chunk of intellectual discussion, bookended with an audio webcomic.

Recording-wise, we have come a long way in the past year. We started with a single microphone in a noisy “studio.” ┬áSince then we’ve upgraded to multiple mics, pop filters, booms, and even a slightly quieter room! The episodes are recorded using VLC audio capture and then edited with Audacity. At this time we have 20+ episodes to listen to! It’s a fun and relatively-cheap way to vent our geekdom, and we intend to keep it going for as long as we can.

Warning: Episodes contain a lot of explicit language and game spoilers. Good-natured, but NSFW.


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